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I am always interested in earning money.  The opportunity to get paid to play pickleball as an amateur and earn a few thousand a year is exciting.  I would play for free, Co-Op shows me step-by-step how to earn income.

John, 48 | Huntington Beach, California

This is just like AARP but for pickleball.  Tons of savings on things I am going to buy anyway but I don’t have to be old to benefit from it.

Sydney, 24 | Orlando, Florida

I spend a few thousand a year on pickleball, so making it an income center instead of an expense is incredible, what a great service.

Bill, 56 | Ft Myers, Florida

Pickleball Co-Op Membership


  • 26 Newsletters per year with $50 or more in gift cards per letter
  • 50 different partnerships to earn income playing pickleball
  • Learn how to monetize pickleball making it tax deductible
  • $200 in travel savings with Pickleball travel club
  • $100 Savings on Nutrition and Wellness products the first month
  • Ultimate Mobile Phone Pickleball Directory
  • Free Lesson from our Pickleball Academy beginning in 2023
  • Weekly Social Media Contest Award winners
  • Invitation Only Live Facebook discussions with the Pros
  • Earn income with your APC with a customized affiliate code
  • 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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