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Frequently Asked Questions for Co-Op Members

We are leveraging the value of a massive community of people to negotiate better rates and services for all.  All members benefit from the growing community offering more services and products and content for everyone. 

The value of the membership improves each month with more partners and more members. By joining YOUR Co-Op now, it will continue to grow with every member and you have an opportunity to participate and profit from its growth.  Imagine when we have 10,000 members, 25,000 or 100,000 members?  Your saving and income potential grows.  Think about all of the offer’s members will bring to share with others.  Imagine the newsletter offers and articles provided by the Co-Op members.

Each time you refer the sale of a membership or product package a corresponding value of points and or cash are accumulated in your back office of your Profit Platform.  You can then decide how to use them.

We will also introduce you to dozens of ways you can earn additional affiliate income from other partners.  Perhaps you take advantage of two or three of them during the year and generate additional income. Each has their own independent payment processes.  Most of it is electronically paid direct to your bank accounts.

Members take advantage of all of the special offers, training programs, savings and profit options.  You can save $1000 a year or more.  We introduce you to dozens of ways to earn income playing pickleball as a member.  We give you a travel platform to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. 

We teach you how to turn your pickleball expenses into tax deductions based on your participation with us.  You are qualified to join our weekly live master classes.  Profiting on pickleball.  We work with you and introduce you to mentors to help you week in and out.  Hands on experience.

Affiliates, have the ability to join for FREE and receive their own customized Co-Op platform to share the membership with others and begin earning a profit. 

You can “Get paid to play” pickleball.  How? When you promote the Co-Op wearing t shirts or hats or sharing online you earn cash. Millions are playing pickleball.  How many would love to be paid to do so? Most players, right?

Most people want to benefit from both, saving and earning income.

Doing an excellent job promoting the Co-Op in your local region.  We will be observing the various affiliates activity and results to determine who may want overrides on their area codes each year.  You will get a premium social media platform that will help accelerate your success.  This will help hundreds of motivated plyers earn 10’s of thousands of dollars a year.

Co-Op pays out on the 7th of every month based on the transactions of the previous month.  Many of our partners paid immediately after transactions and sales or weekly.

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