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We’re Better Together

Get Paid to Play Pickleball

Your Pickleball Co-Op allows you to benefit from the buying power of a large group of people that want to buy from the same resources.  We allow all of our members LIKE YOU, to receive a wonderful benefits package as a result of your participation.
There are three ways to participate.  As a referring Affiliate, as a Co-Op Member or as a regional Ambassador.
 Affiliates can enroll for FREE and begin referring our membership to others.  When players buy the membership for $49.95 a  year you will be compensated with cash, points and prizes. Earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars partnering with us. You can become an affiliate today by joining our affiliate program below.  You will get a FREE unique influencer code and a welcome video to show you exactly what to do next.  We will begin to reward you for your participation in sharing the story.  The key to everything is the Premier Membership.. You will want the membership yourself so that you fully understand its ongoing annual value.
Premier Members pay the $49.95 annual membership fee and benefit from our financial and marketing platform.  We will introduce you to dozens of partners and their offers to earn money every week.  You should save or earn 20X the cost of the membership.  We will send you 26 emails a year with ways to earn and save.   We will help you save money on your expenses and you will learn many pickleball-related tax write-offs as an independent Premier member.  You are included in exclusive weekly webinars and FB live events. We are building the largest pickleball membership on earth.  Think of us as the AAA club of pickleball. Get Paid to Play!
Coaching Ambassadors will be chosen among the best promoters and invited to benefit from various regions in the country. These leaders will receive additional clients, benefits and income by helping to grow the Co-Op community within their area codes. This will be an opportunity to earn $1000’s of dollars a month doing what you love.  We will begin choosing the Ambassadors in December of 2022. Currently we are watching you all perform.  We want to highlight your achievements in the community.


The Greatest Pickleball value on earth. Receive 20x the purchase price.


Pass on the great news to other players and earn incredible benefits and cash.


Monthly cash flow as a FREE affiliate to play pickleball anywhere, anytime.

Save Hundreds, Perhaps $1000’s of dollars each year.

The Most Valuable Pickleball Purchase You Will Ever Make.

At American Pickleball Co-Op, “APC” we are focused on offering superior value each and every month. 26 times a year, every other week we will email you $100-$200 in discounts and offers you can take advantage of. You could save 20 times the cost of the membership easily this year.

We leverage your buying power of thousands of pickleball enthusiasts all purchasing from loyal, quality vendors in dozens of categories. By joining a massive group of players from across the country we can negotiate better deals for our members and introduce you to new innovative products.

We will also introduce you to more than 50 ways that you can earn money playing pickleball at your own home courts by becoming a Co-Op affiliate or ambassador.

Pickleball Co-Op Membership

Exclusive offer

Get Our Membership Now

  • 26 Newsletters per year with $50 or more in gift cards per letter
  • 50 different partnerships to earn income playing pickleball
  • Learn how to monetize pickleball making it tax deductible
  • $200 in travel savings with Pickleball travel club
  • $100 Savings on Nutrition and Wellness products the first month
  • Ultimate Mobile Phone Pickleball Directory
  • Free Lesson from our Pickleball Academy beginning in 2023
  • Weekly Social Media Contest Award winners
  • Invitation Only Live Facebook discussions with the Pros
  • Earn income with your APC with a customized affiliate code
  • 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Free Bi-weekly Newsletter

Earn $1000’s of dollars each year!

Become a Co-Op ambassador and learn how pickleball can be tax deductible and generate a monthly income for you in your own hometown or across the country. Weekly Live seminars to teach you.

Pickleball Co-Op
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