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We will attract more than 5,000 affiliates and 50,000 customers in 2023. We would like you to be one of them. We will earn your trust and be compensating 1000’s of people just like you to generate income playing pickleball on their home courts, while partnering with us.  We give you your own online platform to access offers and share online.  You will save money on expenses and save on taxes.

There are several million people playing pickleball recreationally in the US alone and it is growing by a million players per year.  All of them have a few things in common; they love playing this very social and fun sport and they are all spending money doing it and would prefer to spend less.  We have a great solution.  SIGN UP TODAY

Pickleball Co-Op is the most valuable purchase any player will ever make.

There are 41,000 zip codes in America alone, Canada has 1000’s as well. We will attract affiliates in all of them over time. With 20,000 local courts there are individuals on all of them that would love to be one of the first players to get compensated to play. All amateurs and pros welcome. We are simply looking for outgoing players in each area to get our story out. Join us and help.

Did you know that there are only about 250 PGA golfing pros earning money playing golf but there are 29,000 PGA tour professionals teaching golf earning income. There are another 1,000,000 people profiting on the golf industry that has over 24 million golfers in the US. Pickleball is the fastest growing participation sport in history and it will be very much the same way in 5-10 years.

Will you just watch the sport grow, or will you profit from its growth?

Hundreds of large brands will enter pickleball in the next 3 years, we will help bring them to you so that you earn money working with us. This will allow you to earn money and turn pickleball into a tax deductible court based business you can operate from your own home and local courts. Get paid to play pickleball!

If you already know you will not earn a living playing pickleball then you might as well learn how to profit on its growth and carve out a niche for yourself.

Pickleball Co-Op is the solution. We are Better Together.

To learn more about becoming an affiliate or to get started, fill out the form below and we will send you the details and invite you to a webinar to learn more and ask any questions that you wish. SIGN UP TODAY

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